FREE Reports: Ethical Lending & The Mortgage Process  

by Bob Freedman

Free Reports: Ethical Lending & The Mortgage Process

" The right mortgage broker is golden - a pro who can put you in the ideal loan at the best rate. The wrong one can hang you out to dry." So goes the lead-in to an article appearing in the August, 2007 edition of Money Magazine, titled The Salesman Factor.

The above statement is very true, and the reason why I have decided to circulate these reports. Essentially, I want to help you to thoroughly understand the mortgage process so you will know exactly how to secure suitable financing that serves your best interests. The information presented here will help you to identify and choose ethical and competent loan professionals. If I can help you to better understand the lending process so you will command Transparency, Full Disclosure, and Accountability, if I can show you where to start and what you need to know, and if I can do my part to improve the lending industry, then we can all benefit.

Now you have an idea about what I am hoping to accomplish.. But, who am I? Well, my name is Robert Freedman and most people call me Bob. I have been a licensed mortgage broker in Florida since 2002 (license #447518). I am also a mortgage banker with Ascent Home Loans and am permitted to conduct business in numerous other states. Reflecting on the past several years and looking at current market conditions, the thing that strikes me most is that many consumers really need to be more attentive to protecting their own interests, and treading carefully. It is obvious that many people are largely unaware that the industry is poorly regulated and unethical behavior is widespread, or just don't know what to do about it. That is why I have written these reports, any of which you can access at your convenience through my web site. You can also reach me by calling my toll-free # (888)551-5897.

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Below you will find the updated list of free reports available on my site. There are also many links on the landing page of the site covering a wide variety of topics. All of my contact information appears at the bottom of this article, so please let me know if you have any questions or are currently seeking financing. Return to the site at your convenience to utilize the tools and information. I am very interested in your feedback, so please tell me if you want information on a topic that I may not have yet addressed. I will be updating my blog whenever the mood strikes, so keep an eye out for new installments. I will be exploring issues such as ethics in lending, predatory advertising, understanding the loan process, how to get the best mortgage for your needs, and things of that nature. If you like, you can subscribe to have blog installments e-mailed to you, and/or also sign up for a monthly newsletter. Also, a quarterly market update is available to those clients that wish to receive it. You deserve to get financing that is suitable to your needs and serves your best interests. I hope this site and the content I provide will help you realize that result. Please make good use of any and all of the reports that pertain to your situation. Thanks, and I look forward to assisting you any way I can.

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. . . . . The List . . .

1.The Big Picture: Ethical Lending and Suitability 2.The Big 4 Questions 3.Step #1: Before You Seek Out Mortgage Financing 4.The 1st 24 Hours: Application to Pre-Approval 5.Role of the Loan Professional 6.How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off 7.Low Rates and Closing Costs 8.What Documentation Do You Need? 9.How the Loan Representative Gets Paid 10.Broker vs. Banker (and Good vs. Bad) 11.Annual Percentage Rate (A.P.R.) examined 12.Teaser Advertising 13.1% Option ARM's (the "Low Payment" Program) 14.Trigger Leads (what are they and are You one?)

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About the Author

Florida Licensed Mortage Broker # 447518. Senior Mortgage Banker : Ascent Home Loans NYMEX and COMEX experience, and also have been licensed as a stock broker and trader. Toll Free #: (888)551-5897

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